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Bee Control & Extermination

Bees on old painted wood

Eliminate Bees and Wasps from Your Home

Bees are vital to our planet because they facilitate the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants through pollination. However, bees invading our living spaces is unacceptable. Their aggressive relatives, wasps, are even more unwelcome since they tend to be territorial and aggressive. Both bees and wasps make their homes in human dwellings for various reasons. For wasps, in particular, having an existing structure to build their nest gives better shelter than starting from scratch. Human-occupied properties are also most likely to have insects and food waste to eat and a consistent water supply. Depending on the wasp species, buildings can also provide access to wood used to build nests.

We will continue to live among bees and wasps, but when hives or nests appear close to high-traffic areas outside our homes or even begin to make their way into homes, it’s time for bee and wasp control. Like other destructive creatures such as termites and ants, wasps can cause structural damage to your home. Plus, having them around can make enjoying time outside unpleasant. On the other hand, Bees can build extremely heavy nests comprised of wax, honeycomb, and honey.

Bee & Wasp Types:

Carpenter Bee

Honey Bee


European Hornet

Paper Wasp

Mud Dauber

Dealing With Bee Infestations

There are many signs you may notice around your property that indicate an infestation, including:

  • Increased number of bees or wasps near your home
  • Buzzing sounds
  • Seeping stains
  • Buckling floors
  • Protruding drywall
  • Honey leaking from trees or through your home’s chimney or walls
  • Sawdust
  • Wood chewing sounds

These signs and more can indicate housing a colony of either species in your walls and mean it’s time for wasp and bee control services.

Both bees and wasps can return after removal, which is why wasp extermination is a solution to consider. However, because bees are essential pollinators, it is best to have bee control services that relocate the bees along with their entire hive. Pest Exit’s professionals will review your options and help you decide whether bee control, wasp control or wasp extermination best suits your needs.

You can help protect your home from beehives and wasp nest infestation by sealing all crevices a quarter of an inch or more with caulk or keeping entries cut off with metal screens or edging. Reducing clutter in your yard will prevent bees from nesting in unused equipment or abandoned containers. Look for voids or spaces throughout your home that closely border the outside in case bees are beginning construction on a new hive.

Most of what you can do as a homeowner is preventive. If you already have bees inside your property, steps for bee control or wasp control and wasp extermination must be taken. Removing bees or fully developed hives can be dangerous as they can be hard to deal with and easily mistaken for wasps. Leaving behind even a tiny part of the honeycomb can cause bees to return. You may also have allergies, meaning relying on professionals is a safer option. The Pest Exit team provides Virginia with lasting solutions to your pest problems, so you know you don’t have to worry about bees and wasps disturbing your home.

If you find signs of a beehive or nest developing or the observed invasion of your property, contact our team at Pest Exit. Our highly skilled technicians will examine your home, identify what species are nesting and begin the recommended remediation.