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Bee Control & Extermination

Eliminate Bees From Your Home

Bees are vital to our planet, however, bees invading our living spaces is not tolerable. With over 20,000 recorded bee species around the world, these winged insects find methods of survival and procreation by living in nature almost as much around people and their dwellings. We will continue to live among bees, but when hives appear close to high-traffic areas outside our homes or even begin to make their way into homes.

Bees range in color, size, and purpose – from about 4 cm to shorter than 2mm. As we know, the tiniest creatures can wreak havoc on our lifestyle and comfort.

Bee & Wasp Types:

Carpenter Bee

Honey Bee


European Hornet

Paper Wasp

Mud Dauber

Dealing With Bee Infestations

The first sign of a bee infestation is an increase in the number of bees on or near your property. If you find damage including seeping stains, floors beginning to buckle, or protruding drywall this could indicate infestations. If you have honey leaking from your trees, or inside your house through the chimney or walls, you likely are being invaded. The presence of sawdust or the consistent sound of wood chewing could point to carpenter bees.

Protect your home from beehives and bee infestation by sealing all crevices that are a quarter of an inch or more with caulk or keeping entries cut off with metal screens or edging. This is only helpful in prevention, if you have bees inside your property already, other steps will have to be taken.

Reduction of clutter in your yard will prevent bees from nesting in unused equipment or abandoned containers. Look for voids or spaces throughout your home that closely border the outside in case beehives are beginning construction.

Most of what you can do is prevent. It can be dangerous to remove bees or fully developed hives as they can be hard to deal with and easily mistaken for wasps.

If you do find signs of a beehive developing or the observed invasion of your property, contact our team at Pest Exit. Our highly skilled technicians will examine your home, identify what bee species are nesting and begin the recommended remediation