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Centipede Control & Extermination

Did You Know?

Did you know that centipedes are predators? Don’t worry, they feed on other insects like spiders and not humans (thank goodness!). That said, they kind of look scary with 15 pairs of very long, thin legs with one pair per body segment. And, they have one pair of antennae that are longer than the body. Yikes!

What do they look like?

These 1″ to 1.5″ grayish yellow invaders love damp, dark places like basements and crawl spaces. They’re also known to camp out in bathrooms (be on the lookout in sinks & bathtubs), and in potted plants where the humidity is high. They usually search for food at night, are fast moving, and craziest of all, they use venom to paralyze their prey. NOTE, their fangs cannot penetrate human skin. Phew!!!

Can Centipedes Infest Your Home?

Centipedes are not usually found in great numbers, so their pest status is often based on seeing one or two specimens.

How Do We Manage Centipedes?

So, how can you manage them when you see them? You should treat cracks and openings with caulk, weather stripping, and door sweeps. And, treat for insects like spiders. Another factor is to keep basements relatively dry and clean (ex: dehumidify and vacuum). Lastly, you can contact Pest Exit for help where our experts are available to answer questions and develop a treatment plan that works for your home or business.