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Mice Control & Extermination

Mouse on counter with spilled bag of flour

Entry Points and How to Stop their Intrusion

Mice need warm temperatures, and the winter months mean they will look for access into your home, garage, basement, and more. Once inside your home, they only require a minute amount of water and food to survive.

While mice are “cuter” than rats, they can be every bit as damaging and hazardous to health and property. Just like rats, mice eat and contaminate human/pet food and gnaw on wood/electrical wires, and shred insulation.

Entry Points

With the size of a mouse, the entry points really are anywhere that a dime could squeeze through. This makes finding and closing entryways for mice a real challenge. Especially once they have already established themselves.

  • Cracks in the foundation seem too small but if a dime can fit, then so can mice.
  • Pipes containing any amount of water can be attractive to mice looking for a hydrating source.
  • As well, man-made holes for wiring, cables, and more are just as big if not bigger than the cracks that develop over time.

Keep Rodents Out

Proper treatment is more than laying mouse traps. Our expert technicians will conduct an initial inspection of your home to identify the source of the rodents, seal rodent entry points, and conduct our rodent treatment program.

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