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Pest Control Services for Ticks

Tick Control and Extermination

Eliminate Ticks From Around Your Home

If you have wooded areas, lots of plants and vegetation, pets or children who play in your yard, you want to consider treating for ticks. Ticks are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of mammals, birds, and reptiles and are known to spread diseases.

Why Pest Control for Ticks is Important

  • Prevent the Spread of Disease – Ticks are known to transmit a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tick-borne encephalitis. These diseases are known to potentially cause serious illness and even death in some cases to humans and pets.
  • Reduce the Risk of Getting Tick Bites – Ticks are commonly found in wooded areas, tall grass, and bushes especially in warm months. They attach themselves to people and animals (it is very easy to miss seeing them in your animals’ fur) and livestock. Ticks feed on blood and their bites can be painful and itchy and can cause a rash.
  • Help Maintain the Environment – Ticks are part of nature and they do play a role in the food chain. However, when tick populations become too high, they can have a negative impact on our environment. When the tick population gets too high, it can reduce the populations of small mammals that are important prey for other animals.
  • Save Money – One thing you may not think about is that tick-borne diseases can be expensive to treat. In some cases, they can result in hospitalization and the need for long-term medical care.
  • Promote Outdoor Activities – Ticks are a common concern for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and gardening. Be sure that if you or your animals are outside in wooded or tall grass areas, and you check for ticks each time you come back inside.
There are low-cost pest control options to help keep ticks at bay and is helpful in preventing the spread of disease, reducing the risk of tick bites, and protecting your kids, pets, and livestock. If you have a problem with ticks, give the experts at Pest Exit a call today. We will help you develop a plan to get rid of those pesky pests.