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Professional Pest Control in Haymarket, VA

Residential Pest Control

Pest Exit is a local and trusted pest control company in Haymarket, Virginia. Offering pest control solutions for ants, bed bugs, mice, and more, we can get your home or business pest-free. We understand how frustrating it can be dealing with these pests on a daily basis, which is why we strive to remove any essence of their presence to ensure that they do not return.  As a licensed and insured company that uses environmentally and house-friendly methods, we can remove unwanted pests without harming the environment or damaging your property. For expert pest control solutions, call Pest Exit today! 

Living Rent Free

Don’t let pests continue to take over your home or business! At Pest Exit we can help you get rid of these unwanted pests so they can’t live with you rent free!

Some pests you may experience on your property include ants, bed bugs, and mice. And with each pest that finds shelter in your home and business, comes its own set of issues that need to be addressed. By addressing them quickly you can prevent sicknesses from spreading to your family, as well as stopping potential structural damage from happening. If you are experiencing any pest issues, make sure to call Pest Exit!

Out of the 700 known species in the US, there are about 25 that are commonly found in homes. Attracted to all types of food and warm environments it is likely to see them almost everywhere. If you are experiencing an ant problem, it is crucial to get it resolved quickly. When left untreated the ant colony can expand in size and potentially cause structural damage to your property.

Bed bugs love to hide in chair seams, corners of your bed, outlets, and room edges like ceilings and doors, which can make it difficult to spot at first. When you notice a bed bug it is crucial to call Pest Exit as soon as possible. Not only to prevent the spread of more bed bugs but to also keep yourself safe from constantly getting bitten.

Although “cuter” than rats, mice still pose a threat to your home and business. As an unwanted pest, mice can cause damage by gnawing at electrical wires, wood, and insultation that can result in a costly to repair. To ensure that the mice do not come back, Pest Exit will locate and seal any entry points, identify the source, and conduct our rodent treatment program.

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Long-term Solutions

If you are tired of using over the counter solutions that only work temporarily, call Pest Exit today! We will ensure that you will not have to deal with these unwanted pests any longer with long-term solutions. With the objective to keep you safe from intruders, we will implement a comprehensive pest management plan tailored to your specific needs and the unique characteristics of your home or business.

For expert pest control services in Haymarket, VA, call Pest Exit today!