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Bed Bug Control & Extermination

Bed bug on cloth

Eliminate Bed Bugs From Your Home

Who let the bugs out, er, we meant to say how did bed bugs get inside your home? Don’t worry, you didn’t invite them, but these unwelcome intruders can unknowingly appear in your home via fabric such as clothing, luggage, and handheld bags. It is common to introduce these insects into your home through used furniture, and they can travel between rooms in buildings like apartments and hotels. Because of how easily they can spread, it is important to get on top of bed bug extermination if you see signs of them in your home.

Bed bugs make their home in places you like to spend time, such as beds and couches. These places are warm, often dark, and close to humans and pets who have blood for them to feed on. If left untreated without adequate bed bug control, an infestation will cause you unpleasant, itchy nights.

Signs of Bed Bugs

If you are wondering if you need bed bug extermination services, you’ll first need to spot the bugs or signs they are in your home. Bed bugs are easily identifiable by their flat, oval-shaped bodies and reddish-brown coloring. They are only about 1/8” in length, which is the around size of Lincoln’s head on the penny. Most bed bug infestations are not identified for several weeks, which means you will likely find bugs in any part of their 30-60 day life cycle. They tend to live in small areas such as chair seams, along outlets, and room edges like the door and ceilings.

It may be overwhelming to think about all the places bed bugs might be in your home, however, adult bed bugs are most likely to be around during their peak activity time of midnight to 7 AM. A professional at Pest Exit can help identify these critters and assist with bed bug control.

Common signs of bed bugs include:

  • Reddish bumps on your skin from bites
  • Red-colored stains on bed linens
  • Brown, sand-like spots that are bed bug droppings
  • Small eggs, usually in cracks and crevices or inside furniture

Bed Bug Management

There are a couple of important factors to remember when ridding your home or business of bed bugs:

  1. Early Detection – identifying bed bugs early on will slow the spread. A trained professional at Pest Exit can recognize bed bug hiding spots.
  2. Cleaning – using a special vacuum, many bed bugs and eggs can be removed. Drying sheets on high heat and sealing mattresses will help catch the bugs left behind.
  3. Fumigation – because bed bugs spread easily through shared walls, the entire structure often needs to be treated.
  4. Continued Treatment – Additional treatment after the initial bed bug control service will make sure no bug is left behind to spread eggs.

If you are concerned about the presence of bed bugs in your home or business, contact Pest Exit for bed bug extermination services. Our experts are available to answer your questions, inspect your property, and develop a treatment plan that works for your home or business. We can help with whatever critters have made their way into your property, from ant colonies and wasp hives to rodents and wildlife.