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Pest Control Services in the Fredericksburg Area

Residential Pest Control

Living in the beautiful Fredericksburg area has its perks, including beautiful outdoor areas. Unfortunately, the outdoors comes with unwanted visitors – pests. At Pest Exit, we are Virginia locals who are dedicated to making your pest issues a problem of the past without overselling or offering solutions that don’t produce results. We don’t just solve your pest problems; we provide long-term solutions that ensure your peace of mind. We look beyond short-term fixes, providing recommendations to keep unwelcome guests from returning. If you have a pest problem that needs an expert touch, work with an insured and licensed team with over 28 years of experience. Contact Pest Exit for lasting results and first-rate customer service in Fredericksburg and beyond.

Why You Should Remove Pests

Why is it smart to invest in pest removal? Other than being a nuisance, pests can cause a lot of damage to your property and family. Some creatures, such as cockroaches and rodents, spread disease, affecting the humans and pets in your family alike. Other creatures can damage the structure of your property, including destroying wood, walls, electric wires, furniture, and more. Animal nests can quickly become fire hazards as well. Your home, business, and family’s health is paramount, so you shouldn’t wait to remove pests.

What to Expect for a Pest Removal

When you work with the team at Pest Exit for removal, we are there for the entire process until the last pest has vacated the premises. Our team will:

  1. Gather information about your concerns over the phone
  2. Schedule an inspection
  3. Inspect the entire property, including the attic
  4. Identify the points of entry and signs of activity
  5. Create a treatment plan
  6. Keep you updated throughout the pest removal
  7. Educate on future pest prevention
  8. Determine if a follow-up is needed

Pests We Remove

We have expertise with various pests that plague your day-to-day life. Some of the main pests to look out for include the following:

Untreated ants can contaminate your food with bacteria and affect your home’s structure.

Bed bugs hide in beds, couches, and other furniture, seeking blood to feed on, leaving you itchy and uncomfortable.

Your home’s walls make a welcome home for nests and hives for buzzing insects, providing shelter and access to food and water. Their presence can mean unseen structural damage is occurring.

Known for being a challenge to eradicate, roaches can become a health hazard – even triggering allergies. These creatures seek out warm spaces with access to water.

Mice and rats both run the risk of contaminating food in your home. They also gnaw on wood and electrical wires and use insulation for nests.

Any wood in your home looks like a tasty treat for termites; leaving them untreated allows them room to create colonies.

Fredericksburg residents are no strangers to ticks, known spreaders of various diseases, including Lyme disease. They can be brought inside on unsuspecting humans and pets and will seek out a host for blood.

We also remove spiders, squirrels, fleas, flies, and much more!

Lasting Pest Solutons

Don’t fall victim to bothersome critters in your home. Pest Exit is here to solve your problems! Alongside residential pest control, we provide commercial pest control services for businesses of all types. Don’t hesitate to call us at the first sign of an invasion. Schedule your tailored pest removal service today!

Business and property owners in Fredericksburg, Virginia should choose a reputable and experienced pest control company that offers safe and effective solutions. Pest Exit has the solutions to help you with any pest control needs you have. Give our certified technicians a call today.