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Wood Boring Insects Control & Extermination

Termites sitting on rocks

Eliminate Wood Boring Insects from your Property

Every creature has its purpose, however its purpose should not be invading and destroying your home. Wood boring insects not only have the potential to destroy the wood in the structure of your home, but they may also attack trees on your property or wood furniture in and out of your home.

Local Wood Boring Insect Types

Carpenter Ant


Carpenter Bees

Bark Beetles

Flathead Borers

Long Horned Beetles

Powderpost Beetles

Dealing With Wood Borer Infestations

Many of us only think of the dreaded termites, as the only culprits in structural damage. But as you can see there are many wood boring insects that would love to make their way into destroying your softwoods. It’s not only the burrowing into the wood, but the possible nesting and egg laying that could prove future issues if not addressed.

REMEDIATION CHECKLIST – evaluate your property impact and attempt to block any invitations to wood boring insects.

  • Clean gutters and fix leaky faucets to maintain proper drainage.
  • On your outside property, rake debris and cut back plant overgrowth to control moisture influx.
  • Keep basements dry and free of excess moisture.
  • Call the pest experts for true remediation.

PREVENTION MEASURES – to keep wood boring insects away in the first place you invest time and care by implementing these practices.

  • Keep all wood fixtures and structures free from moisture.
  • Stain or paint decks, porches, trim, sheds, eaves, and all other exposed wood.
  • Regular inspections around the in and outside of the home
  • Use hardwoods versus softwoods whenever possible in home and flooring construction.
  • Purchase a dehumidifier to use in places that have potential for dampness.


If you are looking for prevention tips or suspect an issue with wood infestations, the Pest Exit team of experts can help you! We will come out and review your property for any existing issues as well as advise on ways you can keep the structure of your home intact. Give us a call today to help schedule your inspection.